Monday, July 27, 2009


We have finally finished most of our backyard. The grass has been growing very well, there are just a few patchy spots that need help. I also finished our brick wall along the back. We ordered a few tons of dirt to fill it with, and a few tons of gravel to go along the walkway to the side of the house. The last thing we want to do is lay curbing between the rocks and grass.

The monsoon season has started, our neighbors tree fell over from the wind. They had to cut all the limbs and straighten it back up. Our tree was leaning far to the left after the storm, and the support posts were cracking.

Tom Kofoed came by to visit us while on his way to New Mexico, and helped me straighten the tree out. We headed through the desert to chandler for dinner and got stuck in a dust storm. It was late afternoon, but some places were dark as night. The highway was jammed with cars unable to see the road ahead. We have had several thunderstorms since then, and a little bit of rain. This really is a fun time to be living in Phoenix.

And our poor garden suffering from the 110+ weather and heavy winds.

I have found some time to work on my dads old motorcycle. It still needs a lot of work

Chuumba enjoying some licorice. He got a lot of attention from our nephews and nieces while they were here over fourth of July.


Melanie said...

Really guys....6 months without an update.....? :)

Jathan and Heather said...

Seriously... where are you guys? blog already! or come visit us. your chioce, but you have to pick one. :)